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Housing Trend in Timberwood Park, TX

The Timberwood Park housing market exhibits notable trends, portraying a moderate yet evolving landscape. As of February 2024, the median sale price for homes in Timberwood Park surged by 15.1% since the previous year, settling at $555,000. This robust appreciation signals a dynamic real estate environment, with homeowners witnessing a substantial increase in property values.

Analyzing the market’s pulse reveals a nuanced scenario. The median sale price per square foot in Timberwood Park climbed by 9.9% since last year, reaching $206. This metric underscores the sustained demand for real estate in the area, with buyers willing to invest at a higher cost per unit.

However, the market has experienced a shift in pace, as homes now spend an average of 108 days on the market, compared to the quicker turnover of 87 days recorded last year. This extended duration suggests a marginally less expedited sales process, possibly attributed to factors like evolving buyer preferences or increased inventory.

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