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Housing Trend in Canyon Lake, TX

The housing market in Canyon Lake, TX, has experienced significant shifts over the past year, marked by both notable increases and decreases in key metrics. In February 2024, the median sale price of homes in Canyon Lake soared to $560,000, representing a staggering 68.4% surge compared to the previous year. This remarkable upsurge indicates a robust demand for residential properties within the region.

Despite the substantial price escalation, the median sale price per square foot declined slightly by 3.9% since last year, settling at $220. This particular metric suggests a nuanced aspect of the market dynamics, wherein the overall price appreciation doesn’t uniformly translate to price per unit area.

Additionally, the housing market in Canyon Lake has witnessed a change in the duration properties spend on the market. Homes now typically sell after 103 days, compared to 78 days during the same period last year. This extension in the average selling period might reflect a slightly softened demand or increased inventory levels, contributing to a more balanced market environment.

About Canyon Lake

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