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Housing Trend in Colleyville, TX

The housing market in Colleyville, TX, continues to show signs of fluctuation and competitiveness as of February 2024. Over the past year, there has been a notable decline in home prices, with the median sale price dropping by 20.5%. This decline is significant, bringing the median sale price to $740K, reflecting a shift in the market dynamics.

Analyzing further, the median sale price per square foot also experienced a decrease, falling by 11.3% compared to the previous year, now standing at $220. These statistics suggest a potential adjustment in the valuation of properties within the region.

Despite the decline in prices, homes in Colleyville are spending less time on the market before being sold. The average number of days a property remains listed before sale decreased from 68 days last year to 51 days in February 2024. This reduction in the time it takes to sell a home indicates a continued level of demand and activity within the housing market.

About Colleyville

Discover the allure of Colleyville, TX, through our brief overview. Uncover the unique features and attractions that make this vibrant city an exceptional place to live.

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