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4 Easy Steps to Get Cash for Your Home in Pecan Grove

Selling your Pecan Grove home is simplified with Sell My House Fast. Follow these four steps:

  • Contact Us: Reach out and provide details about your property.
  • Property Assessment: Schedule a comprehensive evaluation of your Pecan Grove home.
  • Cash Offer: Receive a fair cash offer based on your property’s value.
  • Closing: Finalize the deal on your terms, ensuring a smooth transition.

Housing Trend in Pecan Grove, TX

The housing market in Pecan Grove, TX, presents a blend of competitiveness and growth, characterized by notable shifts in key metrics over the past year. As of February 2024, the median sale price of homes in Pecan Grove stood at $405K, reflecting a substantial 11.9% increase from the previous year. This surge in median sale price is mirrored by a corresponding rise in the median sale price per square foot, which now stands at $160, marking a 5.3% uptick compared to last year.

However, alongside these upward price trends, there are indications of a slightly tempered market activity. The average time homes spend on the market has extended, with properties in Pecan Grove now selling after an average of 47 days, up from just 21 days in the previous year. This increase suggests a slightly slower pace of sales, potentially influenced by various factors such as changing buyer preferences or adjustments in market dynamics.

Furthermore, February 2024 saw a decline in the number of homes sold compared to the same period last year, with only 9 homes changing hands as opposed to 19 in the preceding year. While this drop may raise some concerns, it is essential to contextualize it within the broader market trends and consider factors such as inventory levels and seasonal variations.

About Pecan Grove

Discover the charm of Pecan Grove, the city we proudly serve. With its unique features and vibrant community, Pecan Grove offers an excellent backdrop for your home-selling journey.

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