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Housing Trend in Deer Park, TX

The Deer Park housing market remains fiercely competitive, witnessing a substantial 5.8% surge in median home prices from last year, reaching $275K in February 2024. Despite this increase, there’s a noteworthy shift in the time it takes for homes to sell, with the average days on the market extending to 52, a significant rise compared to the swift 14 days recorded the previous year.

Examining the sales dynamics, January saw a slightly diminished activity with 19 homes changing hands, down from the 23 transactions during the same period in the preceding year. This fluctuation might indicate a nuanced market condition, potentially influenced by broader economic factors or local demand patterns.

A closer look at the square footage costs reveals a contrasting trend. The median sale price per square foot in Deer Park currently stands at $149, demonstrating a 4.5% decrease from the preceding year. This detail unveils a nuanced scenario, with overall prices increasing while the cost per square foot experiences a modest dip.

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